Friday, October 7, 2011


None of these pictures were taken by me or anyone I know.
They were blatantly borrowed from the Internet...
Oh boy, so yes, yesterday's You Tube Session was the pre-cursor to the Erasure Concert we went to last night and it was AMAZINGLY GREAT!!!
We sang and danced 90 minutes straight! {super smile} I knew about 3/4 of the songs which wasn't bad at all and the crowd was just so into them. ("Respect", "Sometimes", "I Love To Hate You" etc)
Andy Bell still has an awesome voice and he just belted out the songs one after the other. His dancing was out of this world! (and a little weird to be honest...) <wink>

The concert was at The Moore Theatre in Seattle, apparently the oldest theatre in town! Originally the venue was supposed to be at The Neptune in the U-district, but because of overwhelming interest they moved it to the larger Moore. And it was filled to the rim with very interesting people! We live in such a culturally not-diverse area, so it is extra nice to see so many different kinds of people.
Not the best of quality but fun nevertheless!
I was wearng my 'Talk Talk' hat. (see yesterday's video...)
I must admit that I am a little sore today. Both my body (from all the dancing), my throat (from all the loud singing) and my head (from the 1-2  G&T's I had)... A good thing I have to go to Little Bit today for a large dose of fresh air!  <wink>

It is all good though because we had such a great time! Our friends are already looking at us to find them a new concert to go to, preferably an 80's one of course; we'll have to see what we can do on that front...

Happy Friday everyone!

PS Here some pictures taken by my husband who was a great sport for going to this concert in the first place: it is so not his music!

Made with hubbie's camera/phone...


  1. sounds like you had the best time :) I am catching up here so just saw your previous post, I am loving your playlist (of course) and your shiny D M's oh and your lovely new header...I need to go and catch up on all I have missed :)
    have a fabby doc martin dancin' weekend x x x x

  2. Haha, je ziet er zo ook geen dag ouder uit dan in de 80 er jaren!! Brings back memory's!

  3. erasure
    bronski beat
    love it all
    and your
    outfit too mrs


  4. What a great time you had!
    "So I say thank you for the music"...
    Kram, Monica


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