Last Night...

This is when all the lights are on at once.
 When the music is on you will see different effects...

Look at this guys: this crazy-lit house is in our town!

Last night, when we drove home from the Christmas party, we stopped in front of this house for a few minutes. They have their own 'radio-station' (a tape) connected to all the lights so that you can listen to the radio station from inside your car. The lights move in the same rhythm as the music: how fun is that?  (and so American)   {smile}

Whilst driving home we also saw the full moon rising. I attempted to make a few pictures but I don't know enough about photography to pull that off properly. Still, I managed to make a few and then I played around some in Photoscape...

The left upper one is the original. Underneath it you see 'lens flare', then 'mosaic',
then 'reflection', 'newspaper' and the last one is 'film effect cinema low' if I remember correctly.

Here also the left one is the original and with the right one I just upped the saturation levels...

And then this morning, as soon as Miss M. left for Basketball practice, I made her a little Christmas present on the sewing machine. It involves flannel...

A good start to the weekend I would say!


  1. I agree completely - it is a crazy-lit-house!
    And yet, the lights are still in the picture and not twinkling as you said they were...
    So many different and beautiful pictures of the moon! You are so clever with your computer!
    Kram, Monica

  2. THat house is great. I love a good Christmas overdo! We have a favourite street nearby that gets bigger each year as the neighbours get more involved. That' s the cheesy Christmaas stuff that you've got to love.

  3. That house is crazy! How fun!


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