Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Last Supper...

We celebrated our last meal together at 'Fatburger' last night. I know, that name is just awful, but look at the decor!

Click! to enlarge...
(and to see my brain freeze (bottom right hand corner) after the milkshake)

If I have to eat fast food, then I'd rather do it with a fun 50's diner interior surrounding me...  <wink>

We'll be packing up the car this morning and then off we go to Spokane, WA. 

See you down the road!

Came across this fabulous caravan in a local parking lot!


  1. Very different, but exciting times ahead! :) x

  2. Beautiful kids.
    Nice interior indeed.

    Can't say I see a freezing brain.
    But do believe you.

  3. Lovely Diner! Have a lovely adventure!


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