Friday, August 2, 2013

Honeymoon Road Trip Day Two...

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On Day two we traversed the Cascades in the opposite direction, back to the west side. I'm not showing the pictures in order here, but I just had to show you this amazing picture of Diablo Lake first. 

Obviously I have heavily edited this picture but the lake truly is this green! Here is the original picture which was taken without much sunlight. I could imagine that with the sun out the lake would truly have this color.

Mount Davis if I remember correctly...
To get to Diablo Lake we first had to get across 'Washington Pass', what a spectacular place!

It took us much longer than we expected to cross the mountains (we stopped at many an overlook) and then we still had to drive up north to the Dutch town of Lynden. The most obvious reason for me to stop there was to eat...... kroketten!!!!  <wink>

Sorry, a little blurry, but I couldn't contain my excitement when this plate arrived: Yum!!!
The weather was absolutely lovely and mild and sunny. We wandered around the main street, stopped in a thrift-store and of course stopped by my internet friend Trisha's shop called Grandiflora. I had already contacted her earlier to see if she would be there, but she was busy that afternoon. That was a shame of course, but I am sure we will meet in person some day, right Trisha?  <wink>

Anyway, her shop was absolutely wonderful and I bought quite a few goodies, including Miss Koralee Teichroeb's book 'Everything Goes With Ice Cream'.

I had been looking for a new, fun and not too expensive watch for at least six months now and there it was, right in Grandiflora! They sold several other pretty colors and versions, but this one spoke to me the most...

Mount Baker in the background...
It is certainly strange to visit a town with such strong Dutch roots, while I have chosen to live so far away from it all. The place does feel extremely familiar and comfortable however: lots of farms, lots of cows and wide open spaces: what is not to like?! And that is exactly why we like living in our own little Dutch valley over here of course... {smile}


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous road trip! And kroketten?! LEKKER. I am also partial to bitterballen. Did they have those?

  2. What a fabulous time your having! Heidi

  3. It all looks amazing I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! :) x

  4. Very nice trip. Very nice couple!

  5. Enjoy! What an amazing trip!
    Take care of each other!

    Greetings from Greece!


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