Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Top And A New Header...

Yay, a new header 'at last'!
(I made the last one in July so it hasn't been that long...)  <wink>

And I finished another summer top a couple of days ago:

I drafted my own pattern (that sounds very fancy, but I just traced an existing top that fits really well) and added some ruffles for fun. Love this 'sewing with knits' lark!  {smile}

In other news: I had to take Miss M. to the doctor for a follow-up visit yesterday after her shoulder injury six weeks ago. She still can't raise her arm higher than her shoulder and the doctor suspects a torn rotator cuff. Next week an MRI to have a look inside and then a visit with a shoulder-specialist. Surgery might be in her future. No fun!

Well, one more week to go before Master C. departs. I'm feeling pretty good about it right now. I'm ready to see what life will bring him! (of course I will cry my eyes out for the 4- hour journey back home)

At Master C.'s graduation in June...



  1. You look so pretty in the picture!
    And your new header looks just fine!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Mooi weer hoor, grappig dat de de header gewoon doorloopt.

  3. Lovely header - the font for your blog name is fantastic!

  4. M loving that pic of you sooooo young!
    d x
    Ps must get into this knit 'thingy' maybe for autumn?

    1. You do realize I just turned 47 right? That is not young! ;-)

  5. Loving your new header .. and the photo, you look lovely.


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