Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Endless Summer Days...

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Oh yes, yesterday was one of those 'endless summer days'...   {smile}

I can't show you any pictures since I didn't bring my camera with me. On purpose, because it was a very wet adventure. Miss M. and I spent and afternoon (and early evening) on and in Lake Washington at our friend's house. 
Our friend had just returned from her trip to the UK (that is where she is from) and she had brought back for me (per my request) the Mollie Makes with Eline Pellinkhof's cross-stitch kit: woot woot!

It is only tiny, but hopefully it will give me the 'oempf' again to start doing some more cross-stitching. I used to do it all the time...

My most inspiring project up to date...
...but then I bought a new sewing machine (and now a serger) and I am just focused on that more right now. (I say right now, but that focus has been on 'on' for the last three years)

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Anyway, back to yesterday's fabulous day. First we had a wonderful lunch outside on the patio overlooking the lake and then we went off in the Rib (a large heavy duty 'rubber' boat with hard shell underneath) to pick up some neighbors a few houses down and we then set off to Kirkland Marina for some errands, one of which involved ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. 

Some swimming followed after which was just wonderful in the warm water of the lake (our summer weather has been fabulous for the past three months so the water temps have risen accordingly). I tried standing on one of those fancy and very popular paddle boards, which was very hard.  I did manage to stand up but I couldn't raise my eyes from the board in fear of falling off. It looks so easy when you see other people standing on the board and paddling around, but I tell you it is not!

Paddle Boarding...
(picture found on the net)
The friends that we had picked up and dropped off earlier returned with their own fancy speed boat and gave us a little demonstration in wake surfing: so cool! I was very happy to just sit back and observe it all... 

Wake Surfing...
(picture also found on the net)
The wind had picked up in the mean time and after a nice pot of tea (my friend is British after all) and some more chatting (and baby holding! one of their other neighbors came by with her three month old baby girl) , Miss M. and I set off for home around 7:45 in the evening. What a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like you're enjoying the summer too! :) x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Need to get all those summer activities in before it's over for the year!


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