Monday, August 12, 2013

The Day After...

So yesterday I celebrated my 47th birthday! (Hip Hip Hooray!)
I received the most wonderful gift that I have received in a long time...

Marianne Westman's butter dish from my Dutch aunt and uncle who we had dinner with Saturday evening. I cried. (really I did!) What an extraordinary gift...

I also received some 'loverly' bath products from Lush and a delicious bottle of Kriek beer, my favorite! {smile}

And then today we finally celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary! This is what we gave each other:

A 'Hoegaarden' (= one of my favorite Belgium beers) patio umbrella! Haha, we both really loved it. Mr. G. for the umbrella itself and me for the beautiful Hoegaarden design. {smile again} Since this summer has been rather hot we have used it quite a bit already...

--  **  --  **  --

And in this heat I decided to try and sew some lounge wear. (i.e. a pair of pajamas) 

3/4 sleeves and 3/4 pants...

I've had this fabric for at least two years now and was always afraid to use it because of its stretchy abilities. Fear no more! I put both two pieces together in about two hours!
The shirt is the same pattern that I tried to make last week (the black and white one) that didn't fit. It does fit now with a more stretchy fabric, but is still just a tad tight for my liking. Next time I might just adjust the bust and under the arms a little bit. I did make the pants one size bigger and now of course they are slightly big. Man, it is difficult to find the right fit, but I'm getting there...


  1. What a lovely butter dish! My eldist daughter (about your age) also have some pieces of that porcelaine!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Nog van harte met zowel je verjaardag als jullie huwelijksjubileum Marjan!! Wat een mijlpalen, geniet maar lekker na! Lieve groet!!

  3. Alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

  4. Dikke felicitaties voor jou Marjan met je verjaardag (hiep hiep) en je jubileum (nogmaals hiep). Wat een gezelligheid al die feesten.

    Leuk dat je reclame maakt voor twee Belgische bieren (Kries ik toch ook Belgisch, niet? Ben slecht in bieren).

    En het botervlootje is heel heel mooi. Nu maar veel boterhammetjes smeren om telkens opnieuw het geluksmoment te herbeleven.


  5. Happy birthday and anniversary! As I looked at the pyjamas, the little rose cursor was hovering over the top like a brooch, and it looked really sweet... I think they need a rose on them!

  6. Gratulerar, gratulerar!
    Och vilken fin present du fick, jag minns det där porslinet och mönstren, väldigt fina!

  7. Hieperdepiep HOERA!!!
    Leuk en origineel cadeau die parasol en helemaal fijn met die warme dagen.
    Wat zul je ook elke dag met plezier boter op je brood smeren.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    And congrats on 20 years together!!
    And you really are amazing me with your knit creations...I can't believe you just started sewing with knits! I am so impressed!

  9. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! I'm impressed with your sewing of knit fabrics, I have a lot of trouble doing it well.

  10. That is a fabulous butter dish and the pyjamas are impressive...

  11. OOOooooh I love the lounge wear! The butter dish is definitely extraordinary! I'm drooling, lol! What a wonderful gift. I have one that looks like this and it's one of my most prized posessions. :o)


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