Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes!

Picture taken in the Target parking lot this morning...

Changes are coming: changing weather, changing seasons and our life is changing, right in front of our eyes...

High School starts tomorrow and our university trip to Spokane starts this Thursday. I've started doing some packing for Master C. and besides his clothes and last minute stuff I think we're close to done. Not that he needs that much, basically practical things like hangers, extra long bed sheets, paper clips etc. Items that he wouldn't think of...

I'm feeling the changes in my bones, I'm tired and a little despondent. That's ok, those feelings are all part of the process of letting go.

-- **  --  **  --

Tissue weight jersey...
I'm keeping busy with some more sewing (another top is already in the making) and a little bit of cross-stitch...

And oh boy, I went totally crazy at Joann's the other day where I found fabric for $2.50 the yard. I bought nearly 23 yards and now I'm having second thoughts.... I think this Japanese project (such wonderful pictures and patterns in the book) will have to go on the back burner for a little while...

Trying to think happy thoughts...


  1. I'm glad you're finding ways to keep busy. Hang in there, it will be okay. :)

  2. Just keep breathing ;)!! Nee hoor, maar ik snap helemaal waar je door gaat! Niet te veel in je hoofd gaan zitten, gewoon lekker even de voetjes op de grond houden, dat werkt het best!! Sterkte en succes!

  3. Happy happy thougts...happy happy....remember everything is as it should be...bestest love D xx

  4. Yours is the prettiest cloud picture I have EVER seen.

    About the Japanese stitching: it's amazing how easy it seems and how much time it takes to stich (I have worked approx. 70 hours for one cushion, you can see it here:

    I SO like stitching when it is done but I cannot find the time to finish it, so I completely understand what you are saying about having bought too much yarn. But one day will come that you will be glad that you have it. And it sure was a bargain.

    Don't mind the changes.
    They are part of life and make it more adventurous!

  5. Packing for college? Wow, that brings back some memories! :)
    Thinking of you and your family as you make your way through all these changes!

  6. Oh, the little Master has grown up.....must be a strange feeling. But you'll make it.


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