Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some Summer Sewing....

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Yesterday, which happened to be one of the hotter days this summer, I decided to try out sewing with a tissue knit jersey that I found at Joann's last week. It was so soft and a beautiful grey with very subtle black striped markings in it and I just really wanted to give it a try.

It is also really thin (hence the 'tissue' remark) and it turned out that it is really hard to work with. So hard in fact that I couldn't even fold the fabric in half on top of it self properly to cut out the pattern. Every breath I took the fabric moved or the pattern moved etc. I think the cutting out part took longer than the actual sewing!

Te reason I bought his pattern was the fun little twisty thing they did at the shoulder as you can see on the model they have on the pattern envelope. That turned out to look absolutely rubbish with my very thin fabric, so I had to cut off the shoulder seams (shock! horror!) and re-sew the shoulder seams.

It might sound a little funny, but the part I was most impressed about was the back neck border. I think it looks just so professional and it really wasn't hard to sew! I'm started to love my new serger more and more and it is not as intimidating any more compared to a month ago!  <wink>

I think it is looking pretty darn good now and the fit is divine! In fact, I think I might wear it tomorrow: we've been invited for an afternoon of sailing in the Commencement Bay in Tacoma!  {smile}


  1. I think it looks awsome! I think i may need a serger too now....I have also just linked to you and the other dress we both made...
    bestest as ever to my new My sewing mentor!!
    Daisy J x

  2. Wow!
    You've really done it.
    You shall look so pretty tomorrow at your sailing trip.

  3. I knew you would manage the new sewing machine! I'm impressed!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Du är så duktig! Jättefint!
    Agneta kram


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