Sunday, September 1, 2013

Few Words...

Picture taken from our hotel room on move-in day...

Wow, what whirlwind days we leave behind us!

I have very few words today because frankly, I am exhausted. All is well though and as it should be!

These were the views on our 4 hour drive over to Spokane, Washington. First the mountains and then endless fields of wheat... (and I mean endless!)

Friday was move-in day. We arrived on campus around 9:30 am and were greeted by seemingly hundreds of  welcoming students (2nd and 3rd year's), loud music and lots of cheer. It truly felt like a party and most of the people (including myself) were walking around with a grin on their faces.

After we received Master C.'s ID-card, his room key and tons of other information and freebies we finally met his new roommate (from Hawaii!) and his parents and started the actual moving-in process. There were several students at hand to help us haul and before we knew it, Master C.'s room was ready!

The room comes with a bed, a closet, a set of drawers, a desk and a chair for each student and that's it. The boys rented a fridge together to keep cool. (that black item underneath the window) Things are pretty cozy in there since the rooms aren't large, but certainly big enough. Since we didn't buy anything new for Master C. I think he will feel pretty comfortable pretty soon with all his familiar items around him. (same sheets etc)

The rest of that move-in day went by in a bit of blur (so much information!) but by the end of the day I truly felt that Master C. was where he should be and that was a truly good feeling!

We left him there to spend his first night in the dorm and the next morning, while he was busy with group activities, we took a leisurely  and very pleasant stroll to and through downtown Spokane...

I had never visited before and was pleasantly surprised by all the old brick buildings!

We drove back to campus around lunchtime, helped Master C. out with a few final items in his room and then said our goodbyes rather quickly! I had some tears coming out of my eyes, but no straight out bawling. (couldn't do that him!)

The drive home went fine (we even did some sightseeing on the way), but as soon as we opened the garage door, reality set in and well... you can imagine how I felt. 

We did receive a couple of texts last night and he was busy meeting new people and participating in orientation activities: that was all I needed to hear!

PS I just came across this photo on Gonzaga's Facebook's page: Yay!  {smile}

All the Freshmen together!  (= 1st year students)



  1. like you said- all is as it should be! How exciting for Connor! Good luck adjusting to all four of you!

  2. Marjan

    ....brave girl....well done!!

    Gorgeous country side on the journey too....

    bestest daisyj x

  3. I can just imagine how you felt...
    Kram, Monica

  4. Great scenery, especially those rolling yellow fields. I remember my mum sending each of her four boys off to boarding school at 15 years of age. It may as we'll have been off to war she was so bereft. No doubt he is having a ball while you are having a bawl. Hang in there brave mama!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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