Monday, September 9, 2013

Adam Ant...

Waaaaay back in the early eighties (1981-82), my friend D. and I were HUGE fans of Adam and the Ants! Unfortunately we never got to see him live...until two days ago! (at least I did, my friend D. still lives in The Netherlands and so couldn't join me for this epic event)

Even though I was rather hesitant at first, my lovely husband purchased tickets for us some time back in the spring. Last Saturday was the day.

I must admit I felt a bit giddy upon seeing the old familiar t-shirts, canvas bags and buttons for sale. Lots of memories came flooding back of the so new (for us) clothing and hairstyles of the days. 

Lower right picture of what he looks like these days at age 58...

Anyway, the good points of being at the concert, beside seeing Mr. Adam Ant himself live on stage (shorter than I remembered him!) were that he sang lots of songs from his really old repertoire, the 'Dirk wears white sox' era which personally was my favorite! ("Cartrouble", "Cleopatra", "Never trust a man (with egg on his face)") Other favorites were "Antinvasion" and "Kings of the wild frontier". Funny how after 31 years I can still sing along with all the lyrics!  {smile}

The bad part was that he of course also sang songs of his solo career: "Strip", "Vive Le Rock" and "Goody Two Shoes". Oh how I loath those songs! It got so bad that just towards the end of the concert I was seriously asking myself what on earth I was doing there?! And so we left before the end of the show, something I have never done before... 

Still, I'm glad I went to finally see him live and this is now something I can check off my bucket list.

"Stand and deliver, your money or your life!"


  1. Oh,,,,Adam Ant,
    Ik was ook verlief in mijn tienerjaren op
    Adam Ant,.. haha.
    Ik had mijn schoolagenda ook helemaal volgeplakt.
    Erg leuk stukje om te lezen krijg er heimwee van.
    Groet van hier.

  2. Wat een heerlijke post.
    Mijn hele jeugd komt weer boven.

    Blijkbaar toch een constante: ook ik vond Adam een geweldige knapperd. Zo indringend naar je kijkend met zijn donkere ogen.

    "Stand and deliver" heb ik grijsgedraaid.

    Wat spannend hem na 30 jaar in levende lijve te zien. Alleen is hij blijkbaar wat "uitgezakt" geworden...tenminste als hij het is in de laatste foto in het midden.
    Jij ziet er op diezelfde foto in ieder geval heel stralend uit. Waarschijnlijk door al die giddyness die je met je meedroeg.

  3. I SO used to fancy Adam!! what a shame he ruined the end of the concert for you!!
    Too long since I've been over here - in fact too long since I've been anywhere. The weather is getting chilly here so I will be spending more time curled up with a cup of tea catching up with my old pals!
    Gosh, my life is so rock and roll...fee x
    (lovely photo of you BTW)

  4. Lucky you! You finally got to see them!

    I do regret (regret is not the correct word though) one thing and that was way back, in Vancouver BC, at the nightclub the Cave. The night we were there George Mccrae was there (you know Rock Me Baby...) and the next night the Righteous Brothers were gonna come (you know I Lost that Lovin Feeling, The Sun Ain't gonna Shine Anymore....among others) and this was long before cellphones and all that and we had tickets for a flight to Portland, Ore, the next day......we still often talk about it, we missed them.....there was nothing to do about it. But when reading about the Ants now I think there might be hope for the brothers.....
    Aggie kram


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