Saturday, September 28, 2013


One hundred percent rain that is and not only for today, but also for the next two days after! Bleeeeegh....

All this rain does help to keep Mr. Procrastinator at bay so I guess it is not all bad. As you might have noticed I've been playing with the layout of this blog again. I no longer use Blogger's templates, but have been able to do some tinkering with the HTML (coding) and have added dots around the blog posts and in the side bar, eliminated the shadow boxes around the pictures etc. It is all rather tedious work, and it takes hours and hours, but the feeling of fulfillment is just great when it finally looks the way you had imagined!  (for now)  <wink>

Anyway, I've also been doing some sewing and look how nicely my bag is coming along!

Me likey! {smile} The next step will be to finish the lining and then to attach it all. I will keep you posted!


  1. All that tedious work did pay off!!!
    I just love that bag, it will be a great hit!
    Enjoy the rainy will come to us tomorrow, or so they say. Perhaps that will inspire me to some more indoor work as well. :-)

    1. Helaas heb ik gisteren,ondanks de goede voornemens, de halve dag op de bank gelegen. Ook heerlijk moet ik toegeven! ;-)

  2. It turned out fabulous....we have had a lot of rain also. For us though its better than snow yet!


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