Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Stroll...

As I had a couple of items to bring to the post office, I decided to, with the nice fall weather and all, to take a stroll there. When you have your camera eyes open and focused you see a lot more details then you normally do...

What a lovely day it has turned out to be. First a British friend came over for breakfast and afterwards we took her black lab for a walk along the Tolt River and along the Snoqualmie Trail. We had some tea and coffee after and a bit  more chatting was going on. (never get enough of that!) Then I took that aforementioned stroll to the post office and now I think I'm going to sit outside (with a thin jacket on) and do a bit of reading. 

Not bad at all for an ordinary Wednesday in the middle of September!  {smile}

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  1. Hier is het al te koud, ik hoop in het weekend iets beter...laatste foto is mooi zo door debomen heen. Geniet van het mooie weer!

  2. It's good to look at things through fresh eyes! :) x

  3. Wonderful pictures! You are really a scilled photographer!
    Kram, Monica


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