Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Day On The Town...

We're spending the weekend without the kids. Master C. is off at college of course and Miss M. is in Eastern Washington supporting her friend who actually won the Half Ironman competition over there! Now for those of you who don't know what this entails (I was one of them) this is what her friend did yesterday: 1.2 mile/ 1.9 km swim, 56 mile/ 90 km bike and 13.1 mile/ 21 km run! And he won!!! Did I mention he is only 17 years old? Man, what dedication!

Anyway, we are spending the weekend without the kids and that seems to happen more often these days. I guess we're preparing for the time when neither of the kids will be living with us anymore, only two more years to go. When I grew up we were all so ready to leave the house and the parents seem to think likewise. I don't have that feeling at all towards my children. Although of course I know that it is best for them to leave the fold and stand in their own shoes etc, I just love having them around! {smile}

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Anyway, we're spending the weekend without the kids and yesterday we spent it in Seattle. First we visited the large Value Village (2nd hand store) in Ballard and after that we continued on to see the exhibition called "Dressing Swedish: from Hazelius to Salander" at the Nordic Heritage Museum also in Ballard. The exhibition was really small, but I saw some very interesting designs there. Some traditional costumes of course (see above) and some less so. I loved this wool felted coat inspired by birch trees!

They had a video (in Swedish!) about a young designer who was very inspired by the old folk costumes, their materials and all the elaborate embroidery on them. Apparently there was also a competition in Sweden on how to design new clothes inspired by the traditional costumes from each province in Sweden. Fun! (see below)

After all this art we were pretty hungry so we stopped by our favorite Taco Food Truck and then on we went to visit a small fabric store on Ballard Avenue called Dry Goods Design. I didn't buy anything (a tad bit too expensive for my wallet), but so nice to actually touch the fabrics that I have seen online so much...

We ended the day at another fine Micro Brewery called Reuben's Brews and sampled several of their delicious brews. (small samples of course!  <wink>)

The weather turned out so much better than forecast and I even had to shed my cardigan and I walked around in my tank top: how absolutely wonderful!

Today all that is gone though, it rained all night and it will rain the rest of the day also. There is even some windy weather in the forecast! I took this blurry picture of the flowering Mint at 7am this morning when it was just so dark outside. Wonderful Fall smells though all around and I heard all the drips of the raindrops on the leaves in the trees: aaaah, breathe in, breathe out....

PS: I forgot to show you this beautiful door with a Swedish mail box attached: Love it!  {smile}


  1. Funny with a Swedish exhibition in the USA! Does anyone, except from you, want to visit that?
    Kram, Monica

    1. That is a good question Monica! We were the only ones in the exhibit...


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