Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr. Procrastinator...

Yes, I've noticed in blog-land that I am not the only one who has had the visit of  'Mr. Procrastinator'! Things are just not happening over here, or if they are, they are moving very slow indeed. I've been working on a shirt dress/ coat from that Japanese sewing book that I bought last month, and it just isn't happening. 
So earlier this week I decided to start a new project all together and to put the Japanese coat on the back burner for now as it was blocking all my creativity. 

Click! to enlarge...
Our school has a yearly fundraiser in the form of an auction. People donate trips and wine and just basically stuff and then all the money they make on that goes back to the school. This year the auction's theme is 'Paris'.
Since I am still receiving lots of compliments on my 'Day Tripper' bag that I made over Christmas, I thought I might as well make one for the auction and see if it will make some money. I decided to  reduce the pattern to 85% so that it will become a little bit smaller than the original one. Also I decided not to work with the laminated cotton since that is a rather difficult material to work with. I found this lovely French themed fabric at Joann's and off I went...

The first step was to do some free motion quilting with my sewing machine on the front pocket. You can only see it when you're up close, (see the red arrows pointing to the stitching), but I thought it looked rather snazzy. <wink>

And here is the finished front panel of the bag:

This bag has a lot of interfacing and batting layers, which makes it a bit of a pain to sew together, sometimes sewing through 6 to 8 layers at a time. I will be sewing very slowly today as not to break the needle!

PS: Miss M. had  another visit to the shoulder surgeon yesterday: more physical therapy for another month or so....


  1. Hi Marjan,

    This procrastination is SO recognizable.
    Just wrote a post myself today about it, only I call it "UB"(Unfinished business):

    LOVE your French fabric. The bag is really well done!


  2. Can I tell you what I think of all of this another time? I really need to check facebook, do the washing up, organise my pants and there is a whole wall of paint upstairs that needs to be watched drying. There must be something in the water right now.

  3. I love freemotion sewing - it was like a whole new world opened up to me when I discovered it!

    Lovely fabric, that Frenchy one...really nice.


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