Saturday, August 27, 2011

These Boots Are Made For...

... lots of walking hopefully! I found them at Value Village this morning and after lots of 'humming and aaahing' I decided to buy them. You see, I am not a boot person. I love them on other people but I have a hard time picturing myself in them. Don't know why, just do...
They are very comfy though and the heel is not very high so that should make for a high wearing factor. (I hope)

I also bought a lovely vintage sheet (the yellowy/ gold one) to go with the woolen blanket that I found in the back of a closet and also with the blue sheet that I found last week or so. I thought these colors would go nicely with the new tv room in the form of a quilt and some new cushion covers.
The blanket is a bit small in size and also very scratchy to the touch, so I thought it would be a good idea to add some of the fabric around. This way I can still enjoy it's beauty (the blanket) but not the feel!  [wink]

And then I also found this last picture in my camera. I think Miss M. might have made it earlier this morning. Lovely light coming in don't you think?

My husband left the house at 5:30 am for some fly- fishing at the same beach where we were last week and Miss M. is at the beach of a local lake with our neighbors. Master C. is working hard to finish of all the summer reading: 3 books for French with lots of questions attached plus two books for English (one of them 'The Great Gatsby" and the other one by Jack Karouac) and a large Math packet...

Well, I'm going back outside. The sun is shining super bright and I'm sitting in the shade with my upper half, that's how hot it is!


  1. Those are rock'n boots! I love them. You have a great dining room what a cool picture!

  2. Wacht een paar laarzen volgen er meer!

  3. Laten we het hopen Carla! ;-) Deze kostten in ieder geval maar $13 dollar dus dat is alvast een goed begin! ;-)

  4. Love those boots the fact that they had wear must mean they were a comfortable go-to boot!
    and sun this is a wonderful treasure!

  5. Your boots look great and so do the fabrics, they'll match perfectly.
    Agneta kram

  6. The boots looks very good and if they are comfortable too, it's perfect!
    I'm not a "boot-person" myself, so I understand what you mean...

    You are so diligent with your sewing; I'm inpressed!
    Have a nice day, kram, Monica

  7. That summary of your son's summer assignments just made me very happy that I'm not in high school anymore!


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