Thursday, August 18, 2011


Having been busy painting the mirror (here it is, it is too white, too shabby chic, I don't like it, it is going to change into a teal-y blue)

I completely forgot to write a little post about our ABBA concert the other day. It was at an outdoor venue and we managed to find a spot on the lawn fairly close to the stage.  Miss M. came with me and so did our neighbor and her daughter. We brought lawn chairs (those tiny ones) and food from Whole Foods and some warm clothes since it is cooling down quickly at night.

The band is actually Swedish and the first song (Fernando) was also sung in Swedish which made everybody very confused but not I, Aha!  [wink, I speak Swedish almost fluently, for those of you not in the know]

So anyway that was a fun start. I must say that at the beginning of the show their energy was lacking quite a bit but they definitely made up for it later on. In total they sang (and so did we!) for almost 2 1/2 hours! (including two short breaks) All the big hits of course (they finished with Dancing Queen) and their singing was very impressive! Totally a fun night out!

They even looked the part!
Now I'm off to see the periodontist, or the gum doctor as we call him here. (and I mean gums in the mouth not the chewing gum...) They want to do some deep cleaning and check out the situation after the gum surgery I had back in March. Now I've been a good girl and have done lots of flossing etc. but it is still not something to look forward too, is it?

PS The ABBA/ Arrival pictures I found at their website ...


  1. I think the mirror looks quite fine! But it's hard to judge from a picture!
    I'm a bit astonished that "ABBA" still is so popular...
    Kram, Monica

  2. I love your mirror and your table in the reflection and the bowls ...I could go on and on and then ABBA....PERFECT!

  3. ABBA forever, I never thought so when they first got popular in the 70's, but they're still hot!

    I can see that the mirror is a little too white, you seem to me to be a more colourful person, which is wonderful!

    Agneta kram


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