Monday, August 8, 2011

Meanwhile At Home...

The jet- lag seems to have finally disappeared and the creative forces have returned! Painting is in progress:

This bright red paint is for one of my mid- century tables which was due for a bit of a makeover. It is taking multiple coats so the final pictures will have to wait for a while...

I've also been painting the tv room. The painting in this house has never been satisfactory due to the fact that all the doors and trimming are wood color. (Yuk!) I think any color looks at its best with a nice bright white trim around it but no such luck here. I've been struggling with the colors in this house since day one and I don't think I'll ever be satisfied but one can always try. This is what it looks like right now...

The photo's show the blue color more as grey but is more duck- egg- blue-ish in reality. I wanted to be able to add more blue and red in this part of the house, but with all the orange tones this just didn't look right. Now I can though!  {smile}

I ran out of the blue paint so I still have to do a second coat on half the room but is is just about done. Time for...



  1. love the red :) your blue room looks lovely too and your tea and biscuits x x x x x
    lovely ..lovely ..lovely :)

  2. Ja, veel beter en lekker fris en ruimtelijk!

  3. Dank Carla, ikben er ook zeeeer tevreden over! :)

  4. I think it looks nice and cozy in your home!
    Kram, Monica

  5. ah yes indeed Marjan, the wood of the northwest hey!
    i love the duck egg blue, and i think the red is a winner too... i see it creeping though, slowly but surely your new colour choices will roam the home, me thinks :)

    looking forward to our thrifty date on thursday!

  6. ps. i have a little itty bitty plastic deer like in your lovely new header! came back from Amsterdam with me a few weeks back :)


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