Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cars, Castles, Ships and Old Dutch Tiles...

Whilst in Holland we kept on running into these cute little Fiats! So of course I had to take pictures of them too. Love the one in the middle especially!  [wink]
In Berlin we saw a few Trabants but not as many as we used to. I barely cought the lime green one racing around the corner near the Stasi Prison: it's a station wagon! And of course 'George' needs no additional words...

We also visited several castles in The Netherlands: the 'Muiderslot' in Muiden (in the same street where my dad lives!), 'Loevesteijn' near Woudrichem and a city castle in Zaltbommel. Aren't they just splendid?!

And of course we saw plenty of sailboats old and new and we particularly liked the old flat bottom ones that are so well known in my dad's area around the IJsselmeer...

On the bottom right you see the 'Batavia', a replica from the 17th century VOC era (East-Indian- Company in the colonial days) that lies in Lelystad.

And here some beautiful Old Dutch Tiles which always catch my eye when I come across them....

As always, for more details please click on the pictures to enlarge them ...


  1. ah, nice collection. more please...fee x

  2. Hmmm, "George" and the green and white car are Citroens and not Fiats... I know, because my husband is a great Citroen-fan (and we have a Citroen of a somewhat newer model)!
    What fantastic castles you have seen during your visit to Germany!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Oh, hoe heerlijk Hollands! :)

  4. Monica: I know that they are not all Fiat's, we just saw them a lot. The dark green one (and the red ones too of course) is indeed a Citroen but the white and the lime green ones are Trabants...

  5. Prachtige foto's en collage's. Very impressed!



  6. Bedankt Rik, maar welke Rik ben je: Rik E. of Rik van G. ??? :-)


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