Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Look at all the 'pearls' I found this morning!

We had a fair amount of rain yesterday which was quite a shocker after the tropical temperatures we had over the week-end. (87F on Sunday plus humidity, I even had to sit in the shade for a while: oh no!  [wink] )

All the High School Sports started yesterday which of course was not so much fun in all that rain. Master C. came home with mud on his back! (he does Cross-Country Running)
Miss M. has decided that she will not play soccer in High School but that she will play Basketball during the winter and Ultimate frisbee again in the spring.
She will have her High School introduction day this Friday: two kids in High School!!!

So, eventhough yesterday really felt like fall, summer is still here, right?

Right!  {smile}

PS How do you guys like my new header??? I started thinking about it in my sleep (when all the good ideas start sprouting) and fiddled around with it all yesterday morning. I am well pleased!


  1. Nothing compares with natures own pearls!
    You are so clever, who can create a new header!
    It looks just fine!
    Kram, Monica


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