Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Goodies...

When in Holland, I did do so shopping of course. But, in hindsight, I did way too little shopping!  [wink]

Anyway, here are some of the small goodies I found, mainly at the Hema I think...

Colorful flags and parasols and what not for a fun filled evening or two...
(did anyone mention cocktails?!)

Cute hooks...

Lots of little tape dispensers! I love them so much, I'm afraid to start using them...
And then on my birthday I received the first three Mollie Makes magazines from Tif: Yahoo! Can't wait to start all the little projects that are featured. Next week, when school has started again...

And oh yes, I bought this little battery powered light the other day for my 'photography sessions' (that sounds so posh) at Home Depot and I think I'll by a few more! Easy to maneuvre around my objects, a tip for you maybe?  {smile}


  1. I also can fall in love with tape that's beautifully colored....I love colors!
    And the lamp was a smart thing!
    Agneta kram

  2. Thank you very much, Marjan, for your kind offer to remake my header! But my daughters have often offered me to do it, so, in order not to hurt their feelings, I must kindly say no to your kind offer! But I'm deeply touched by your kindness!

    So many nice things you brought back from Europe!

    Kramar, Monica

  3. Wow I must say, way too little.....I have been meaning to ask how did your new shoes do on the trip?

  4. such cute things you got, i love the patterned tapes :)
    x x Jane x x


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