Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Olive!

Well, I guess the new quilt has been judged adequate...

The brighter blue (solid) color will be the quilt's backing.
It is made out of flannel and sooooooo soft!
PS Everything was fine at the vet but of course my wallet is now $60 lighter...


  1. What a fire! It must be horrible to loose everything - lika beeing homeless...

    Your quilt will most certainly be so good!
    Kram, monica

  2. You take the most lovely photos :o)

    I popped over from Dottie Angel to see you, hope you don't mind :o)

    Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

    Take care now.

  3. Hey there Donna, thanks for dropping in. I see you make some lovely pictures yourself! ;-)

  4. Hello!

    Pleased to meet you over at mine. Goodness me I love this quilt you have made. It is gorgeous. I'm swooning over it. Quilting is on my to do list but I'm a bit fearful. I guess I should jump right in hey?

    Thank you for your comment over at mine. I did reply earlier through email but your a no reply blogger so I doidn't notice that I replied into the ether. To change to no reply blogger thing you need to go into your settings. There's a post on my blog all about it.

    You mentioned resizing my photo's. I'm on a mac and can't figure out how to do it!! I'm a right thickie when it comes to techie stuff. your blog is just stunning. I am in blog envy land!


  5. No it hasn't worked. Follow this link


    hopefully it'll go right for you this time xxx

  6. I love your quilt and how you combined all your fabric patterns , its coveted up here!


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