Saturday, August 6, 2011

People Are People...

Are you ready for this?  {smile}

I've started composing some themed photo collages of our Europe Tour and would like to start with the 'People' part of our trip. Meeting these people again (let's call them friends and family shall we?) was one of the main reasons of going to Europe in the first place of course.

We borrowed my dad's car (Thanks again Dad!) and stayed only with friends along the way, some of whom we hadn't seen in 13 years or more! We hit it of again right from the start and it felt like we had spoken to them only last week!

Here they come: (click to enlarge!)

We really wanted our kids to taste the flavor of Europe so to speak and staying with our friends and seeing how people live over there really made that happen.
Both kids were born in Bavaria and Master C. felt quite connected with everything German. He is not one for change and I think the 'Deutsche Grundlichkeit' really struck a cord within him...

Here are some pics of Master C. and Miss M. doing stuff together:

Master C. taking it all in:

And Miss M. having a blast everywhere she went:

Spending a whole month together as a family 24/7 might make for some tense situations in some families but not in ours; it was wonderful to enjoy so much quality time together...

So, that was the first part of my themed collages, I hope you enjoyed them? Next up are, in no particular order: Castles, Beer, Berlin, Paris, Landscapes and Cars, to name but a few...


  1. Beautiful pictures; which I enjoied very much!
    You have a very good-looking family, all four of you!
    Kram, Monica

  2. Hej Marjan, het is op de foto's te zien dat jullie er volop van genoten hebben. Leuke collages.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groet

  3. hey - you're back! and I now realise you've been back for some days so I've had a little catch up with your other posts.
    that is one big fat holiday you've had - family time, touring, friends, beer...what's not to like?!
    great collages - presume (since you've been to france) there'll be a food one at some point?
    Glad you had such an ace time, I've missed you!
    fee x

  4. I liked the "Melk Drive" and there seems to be a "Beer Drive", too, that's nice.
    Lovely pics of family and friends!
    Agneta kram

  5. glad to see you again, looks like you had a fab holiday, must catch up now on your other posts :)
    and thankyou for the fantastic pic of Mozzer in made my day :)
    love from
    Jane x x x x x x

  6. What a fantastic trip for you and for your kids!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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