Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paris, Je T'aime... (but not really)

Well, here is my Paris post. I've been procrastinating posting on this one because, and I can only whisper this, I didn't really enjoy Paris...

I know, I know, everybody simply LOVES Paris but I just didn't get it. This was my second time visiting and I really tried but to me it was just a big and very crowded place with yes, very beautiful buildings but that was about it. Of course it didn't help that we reached Paris after already a lot of sightseeing and driving around first Holland and then Germany so I'll grant you that.

Anyway, enough negativity, we did see beautiful  buildings, the weather wasn't bad at all and we had quite a few good times as well so here it goes....

Le Marais, Place des Vosges, Notre Dame etc.

The Louvre

The Sacre Coeur

Montmartre area
And of course the Tour d'Eiffel:

And one more...

The pictures in these last two collages were made by Miss M. She and my husband went there for the evening and had a great time together. She makes great pics don't you think?  {smile}

I think the best time I had in Paris was the first day we were there and we visited Le Marais. Our friend Frederique, who had graciously lent her appartment to us (!), showed us around and we had lunch together before she took the high speed train down to Le Provence.

This must be the way to go for me the next time; with someone who knows where to find all the special little places, not all those tourisity ones. Within 5 minutes of her place we found this cute little embroidery shop with lots of specialty linens etc.

It really was tiny, but I bought three pieces of linen and some old 'De Fil en Aiguille' cross-stitch magazines for 1 Euro each! Lovely!  {smile}

Tomorrow some shots of the last leg of the Tour de France. Yes, we were there!


  1. It is always best to have someone who lives there, to show you a place...
    We were in Budapest a few years ago and had a guide, born i Hungary, who had lived in Sweden for many years, and then had moved back to Budapest! Further more, he had a car! And he spoke Swedish! That was perfect!
    So I know what you mean...
    Kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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