Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Why do I sometimes make things so complicated? (yes, the tune is stuck in my head now...)

Case in point, the new quilt I'm trying to make. Look what a complicated design I've come up with:

Way to much work to figure it all out and also I only have two fat quarters of the spotted (white with lightblue) and the small flowered one and two very large sheets of the large yellow and blue flowers.

And remember, I am not a  real Quilter, I just pottle around... So, when I come back from first the vet (a suspected tick on our dog Olive) and then picking up Miss M. from school, I will just cut out some random large squares and rectangles and put them together. I will try to do some fancy topstitching this time since that is something I've never tried before...

So, that is the update on the quilt front. On another note, I promised my friend Tif to help her out with a somewhat new blog look this week.
If you've followed me for the past few months you must have noticed (how could you not?) that I love to play around with the header and the background and the fonts etcetera etcetera. Now that is great fun for my own blog but to help someone else (and who is rather well-known to say the least)??! No pressure!  [wink]
I am not a computer techie whatsoever so we'll see what this British/ Dutch collaboration will bring forth. ..

At least a lot of creative juices are flowing so I can't complain about that. Wish me luck!  {smile}

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  1. Good for you for designing your own quilt! I can't wait to see how it comes out!


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