Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I See The Light!

Here are some impressions of the ever changing weather over here. The light show was simply amazing!

And in all this light I caught this amazing young lady. I proudly present to you:
Miss M.!  {smile)


  1. this! Plus such a sweet lovely photo of a darling girl...Now my dear your new header is adorable. Do you do blog designs? Let me know. Hugs to you. xoxox

    1. Not officially Koralee, all self-taught so thank you very much for your compliment! :-)

  2. Sublime!
    There is something very beautiful about late afternoon light to photograph children in.

  3. Miss M is a very cute young lady! Please tell her that I think that. And those light pics are wonderful!

    There was a new little princess born this morning in Sweden!

    1. I didn't even realize Victoria was pregnant: congrats to all Swedes!!!

  4. The light here is getting better - I took some photos of Toby today and was so pleased with them. It's improved my photos massively after months of gloom.

    What a pretty young lady xx

  5. What a spectacular weather!
    And what a beautiful young lady!
    Kram, Monica

  6. That top picture is absolutely AMAZING! My favorite of all that you've taken.
    Although, that picture of your daughter is pretty fabulous too!

  7. I am still having trouble with my pictures and seeing your beautiful new header .......makes me wanting a change too!!!
    Love yours!

  8. Geweldig, die luchten. Die eerste foto is adembenemend mooi!


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