Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Glimpse Of Things To Come...

This was yesterday...

Bright blue skies, lots and lots of sunshine, some yard work, short sleeves and the first beer of the year outside!  (and it tasted soooo good...)

I wonder what wonders today will bring...  {smile}


  1. Wao, have you been working in the garden already? Is it spring in your valley?
    Here it is bitter cod and everything is frozen - no gardenwork...
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Kram, Monica

  2. We had a nice day, too, yesterday, but it was more of a winter's day, very cold. And beautiful. And you've already been out in the garden! Hmmmm. Agneta kramar

  3. Op de een of andere manier loop jij telkens voor op ons, ha ha! Ik zie je al genieten van dit groene moment :)!

  4. That sounds lovely, I am longing for spring. Great DoF on those bud piccies. I am about to start researching to buy a DSLR. I can't handle the restrictions on my current camera.

    That was very interesting about your grandfather and the irises. Fascinating and what an honour for you.

    Sam x

  5. Oh, het is al echt voorjaar bij jullie. Hier is het helemaal andersom.
    Geniet ervan doe ik hier ook, groetjes


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