Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finished Dress...

Cardigan and boots from thrift store
Skinny Jeans from Target
Tadaa! I finally finished the dress and actually wore it already yesterday!  {smile}

I have to get used to the bright pattern on me, but overall I really like it. In this photo you can't see the fun puffy sleeves but they are really fun.  <wink>

I needed something 'fun' yesterday, because that is when Mr. G. and myself had our first official meeting with our school's college counselor for Master C.! (he is a Junior now = 11th grade) And even though everything seems to be going right on track, which is how you want it all to be, it did really make me realize that in just a little bit over one year he will no longer be living in our house: Nooooo!

He will be doing a college tour in California with our school in early April and we will be setting up some local tours in our own state here as well as in possibly Oregon. Exciting times indeed!


  1. Hmmm, kan me voorstellen dat je niet staat te springen om deze nieuwe fase straks. Best ingrijpend :S

    Gaaf gedaan, die jurk. Errug knap. Ik ben de vrouw die niet eens kan punniken ;)

    1. Haha, ik geloof niet dat ik kan punniken! ;-)

  2. Mooie jurk hoor, met een zeer mooi stofje!
    En ingrijpend zo'n besef inderdaad...

  3. First of all, your dress looks fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!
    And I can't imagine thinking about sending your child off to college...what an exciting (but scary) time!

  4. That's adorable, Marjan! It's a fun print and I'm sure you will get lots of compliments! Is it a Lisette fabric? I've seen the fabrics at Joann's. I'm not allowed to buy fabric anymore~~it was one of my obsessions before Photoshop :~)

  5. Marjan, complimenten met je waanzinnige leuke jurk!! Was je Lief nog steeds zo sceptisch? Vast niet he...! Ik kan me goed voorstellen hoe spannend deze fase is voor jullie, en natuurlijk ook voor Mr C! Oh meis, het idee alleen al.... tja, je moederhart is zo ver nog niet...! Hou je taai hoor, met alles! Groetjes!!

  6. I like that.
    I'ts snowberry on the last photo.
    Jag skrev dit det nu.;-) Kram Stina

  7. You are so handy and it is really pretty.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Spannende tijden dus!!
    Ik vind de jurk super!! Staat je heel goed!


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