Friday, February 10, 2012


Some thrifting...

Pretty Tulips...

How many pictures can you take of a squirrel?

A pretty bird (Evening Grosbeak I believe)...

And a dress update...

After parading it around, Miss M. asked ( in a nice way I must add): "Are you actually going to wear it???"  <wink>

Yes, it is the weekend at last!  I am so ready...

PS Friday's musical choices:
1. "Lip up Fatty" by Bad Manners
2. "Love to love you/ I feel Love" by Bronski Beat & Marc Almond
3. "A Girl called Johnny" by The Waterboys
4. "Sheep" by The Housemartins
5. "One it Ten" by UB40


  1. What a sweet post...I adore your dress...pure joy....happy weekend to you...I always find a smile when I visit you. xoxo

  2. Love your dress....want want want....along with those dishes!! spring has sprung at your house!

  3. First time I saw a squirrel was in a Park in London and I nearly used a whole film. That's how long ago it was!

  4. Die jurk is leuk geworden! Tulpen uit amsterdam is ook leuk en die bordjes zijn gaaf!

  5. Helloo
    The dress is beautiful I hope you do wear it!
    Lovely colourful post ;-)
    Ha en trevlig helg

  6. I love squirrels! When I was a child, we used to have lots of then here, but nowadays they are quite rare, due to the traffic, unfortunately!

    Your new dress is SO retro, I could have worned it when I was young...
    Have a nice day!
    Kram, Monica

  7. Squirrels are so cute and I am impressed you managed to take som many pics of them, they never sit still. I remember when I saw those small ones (chipmonks?)at Timberline Lodge, I tried to catch them, I wanted to cuddle them - no luck! But so cute!

    Your dress is super and I love the colors!


  8. The dress is just adorable! You absolutely have to wear it to death... if not, post it to ME!! Haha. Sweet squirrel too :)

  9. Heerlijke foto's van de eekhoorn en het vogeltje, en lachen om de opmerking van jouw lief ;)! Gaaf lijstje ook, weet je dat mijn dochter twee weken geleden naar een optreden van UB40 geweest is? Ze kende hen helemaal niet (tja, 15 jaar oud!), maar mocht mee met haar vriendje en zijn moeder, die er ook fan van is! Ze kwam super-enthousiast thuis!

  10. This blog posting put a smile on my face! It's lovely and what a beautiful dress. Please wear it soon so I can see it in person. Did you make the pattern yourself?


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