Saturday, February 18, 2012

Go Huskies!

We won!!!  {smile} (79 - 70)

What a fun day out to see the Huskies play today! It was Senior Day which meant that all the senior players (= the last year students) were honored together with their parents and close relations.

Below you see the court, the seat cushions, some athletes stretching, the toss-up (I think that's what it is called?) and coach Lorenzo Lomar handing out a plague to senior Brendan Sherrer, also known as the 'Human Victory Cigar'... (too long of a story to explain here but the crowd went wild when he came out on the court!)

(Note: all the Basketball pictures were taken with my little Canon power shot, so my apologies for the bad quality)

As soon as we entered the stadium there was The Pep Band!!! (my personal favorite) First they performed in the hallways with some funky dance moves (and so loud!) and during the game they had their own stage in the stands. Loved it all! And they played fun 80's tunes as well like 'Take on me' by Aha, and 'Fat Bottom Girls' by Queen.

And of course no game is the same without the cheerleaders! Look at all their hair flying while doing the back-flips etc. {smile}

It took us half an hour to get out of the parking lot (10.000 fans!) but after that we stopped by Anthropology where I bought these lovely ceramic cabinet door knobs... (those were the only things I could afford...)

Again, a great day and a great start to the vacation!


  1. Klinkt en ziet er uit als een geweldige belevenis! En die knopjes... wow!!

  2. Wat een spektakel zal dat zijn geweest.
    Leuke knopjes.
    Mooie spullen hebben ze in het assortiment.
    Fijne zondag, kram

  3. What a day - and so American!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Die band lijkt mij ook geweldig! En cheerleaders, tja die horen er echt bij he?! Volgens mij was het een leuk uitstapje :)
    En mooie knopjes!

  5. do I need to say that I love your new banner? I've stopped being bitter about the amount of times you change it!!!
    I've just had a little catch up on the goings on around here while I've been away - man, I also love that dress - good work (and beautiful photo collage)
    happy new week to you
    fee x


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