Wednesday, February 8, 2012


(... but not in the crochet kind of way...)

I was getting all ready to finally do some sewing on my dress after a long hiatus, when I got sidetracked (once again) into taking some photographs. Everywhere I go and whatever it is that I am doing these days, I am now seeing framed shots in everything!   <wink>

Anyway, a lovely friend of mine, who due to medical reasons can no longer enjoy sewing, recently offered me to go through her entire sewing room and take whatever suited my fancy: I came home with bags filled with muslin fabric and interfacing to last me for years! Some fun fabrics as well but most exciting were all the notions that both she and her mother had collected over the years.

Just look at this bounty:

These are my favorite buttons...
All this just had to be photographed of course!

The lovely vintage sewing box that I found a couple of months ago at the thrift store, is now filled to the rim with buttons, bias tape, lace tape, ribbons etc. Let's see what I will use first... 

Thank You My Friend! (you know who you are...)  {smile}


  1. WOW! All those wonderful vintage bits n bobs.
    A real treasure trove in your lovely sewing box.

  2. What a treasure you found! And how lucky for your friend to give it away to someone like you who can appreciate it, and use it!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I love all that gorgeous trim! Yay for having such a lovely friend!

  4. What a stash! You could almost mount them all into a beautiful installation and frame the lot for your sewing room wall (if you have one:) The sewing box itself is a gem!

  5. Hihi, it is funny you should mention it cause I got those slippers in Holland this Christmas! LOVE them, so warm and comfy :)


  6. I feel sorry for your friend who can no longer sew but I'm glad for you. What a treasure! Lovely things and also the boxes and the packings are beautiful.

    About seeing shots in everyting, when I had just started blogging I noticed that I had gotten "bloggogon" (blog eyes, I saw a motive everywhere! Isn't that nice!


  7. new background....LO♥E!

    and what bounty indeed - I'm sure your friend will be pleased that it has gone to someone who appreciates it.
    Great always
    fee x
    happy weekend


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