Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Saturday Morning...

Wow, that was both a creative and a physically exhausting spurt I had this morning!

I've been unhappy with this house since we moved in three-and-a-half years ago. It is mainly the wood trim that is driving me batty but also the rounded walls which makes it very difficult to paint. (everything is connected) Otherwise the house is wonderful, has lots of light and lots of room which is what we needed with two growing teenagers... 

Over the last few years my taste in furniture has changed quite considerably as well, but we don't have the funds to change all that out. Since we will not be moving in the near future (Miss M. won't graduate from High School until three years from now) I thought I'd better row with the oars that I have (a Dutch expression) and change some things around...

It started with measuring all the furniture involved and then I went on to draw a true to scale drawing. Yes, I can do that! I actually took a class in drafting about ten years ago and boy, what a handy skill to have!

And then came the big move around. I had the boys move the couch (it used to be where it says 'apothecary' in the lower picture, underneath the ginormous cross-stitch) to its new position. 

They then had to leave (they ran for their lives!  <wink>) and I started emptying the two bookshelves from the TV room and moved all the books to the front room. Thank goodness Miss M. had awakened in the mean time and was in very good spirits (remember, a teenager so that doesn't happen very often...) and she helped move both the books and the bookshelves!
This is what it looked like mid-way:

And this is what it looks like now:

Wow, quite a lot of work but I feel much better about it for now. We have two living rooms in this house and this front room only gets used by Mr. G, what a waste. Hopefully I will spend some more time in there now...

Here is the view towards my sewing area. So, to summon it all up: this area is where we have all our darker (mainly Sri Lankan from the time we lived there) furniture and in the kitchen/ TV area I'm planning a much lighter and more of a (mid- century) modern look.

PS: Look what I found in between all the books! I don't remember from which year this is but it looks at least 9 years old. How sweet and just in time for Valentine's Day!  {smile}


  1. busy, busy, busy..... Mooie prent aan de muur trouwens! ;-)

  2. Leuk zo! Jij hebt in ieder geval wel ruimte om iets om te zetten! Wat dacht je trouwens van de tafel bij de voorkant?haha!

  3. Carla: daar heb ik wel over gedacht maar ik wil die apothekers kast absoluut niet verhuizen want dan moetie helemaal uit elkaar gehaald worden...
    Daisy: dat is geen prent, dat heb ik geborduurd!!!

  4. What a busy morning you had! But what a wonderful result! i understand that you fell rather confident with yourself! The room has become very cosy and inviting!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Love the changes and the idea of working with what you have! It looks fantastic!


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