Monday, February 6, 2012

To Fly Like An Eagle...

This morning, whilst on my way to the orthodontist in town, I had my camera at the ready to take some shots of the Valley.
Look, a Bald Eagle! He was way up and far away in the tree line but I spotted his white head from quite a ways away...

 And this was the view of the Snoqualmie river where I was standing...

And when I drove up a little bit further on the hill I had this glorious (and now well familiar) view towards Mount Rainier... (it was a little hazy down below)

Since I am feeling a 'petit peu' under the weather I will be keeping this post short but didn't want to keep you from these lovely views...  {smile}

PS: I've added some textures to all of the photos, but nothing too crazy I think...

PS2: I had just finished writing this post when Miss M. ran inside and told to come outside and look at the moon:

 "zie de maan schijnt door de bomen..."


  1. Wow, wonderful! Helaas is Sinterklaas al even voorbij, maar ik kan me je gedachte bij de laatste foto goed voorstellen ;)!

  2. How lucky to catch a glimt of a bald eagle! I have never seem one IRL!!!
    As usual beautiful pictures!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Isn't the bald eagle very rare? he looks rather aloof from all the trivial world below. Your moon was beautiful too.!

  4. Lovely images...
    How lucky to catch a rare bald eagle?
    LOVE the moon photo ;-)
    Thanks for the email

  5. oooh la-la, love your pics...especially the blk and wht or almost sepia old fence and grass...very nice!! Also, thanks again for sending your off for some biscuits and tea of my own.

  6. Full moon - means I shouldn't be able to sleep. And when thinking, I didn't. Not much anyway.
    Beautiful pics. Again!

  7. full moon
    sends me scatty
    love the views
    glad you're happy



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