Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peg Board Fun...

For quite a few years now I have been wanting to have a nice postcard rack to display all those fun postcards in! Since I have not been able to find a suitable one here in the States, I thought I'd built my own one, out of peg board.

Peg board is usually used in the garage to hang your tools on, but I found a tiny mention in a magazine (I think it was 'Fresh Home') of someone using peg board to hang their cards on and I felt this was a project I could tackle.

Et voila, I not only made one, I made two! One with the more traditional Dutch cards and one with more vintage themed Pip Studio cards...

I bought some s-hooks and some fun little clamps and I was done. (about $20 in total) I will probably add some ribbons, flowers and other embellishments on them as well to make them look a bit less 'peg-boardy'...  <wink>

After all that was done I decided to finally use the fun vintage decals I got from Tif a while back. I added some to our Hoosier kitchen cabinet...

Yay, things are finally starting to come together!

PS We have wet snow coming down: what the...??!  


  1. Wat een geweldig leuk idee, die kaartenrekken! Zag ik daar Jip en Janneke tussen zitten? Zo schattig, Hollandser kan niet! Eh, sneeuw, dat meen je toch niet... bbrrrrr, sterkte!

    1. Indeed! Ik had het me niet zo gerealiseerd maar ik heb een flinke verzameling J&J kaarten dus een paar moesten er zeker op de muur... :-)

  2. Hellooo!
    Your blog header is looking really good :-0)
    LOVE your peg boards, you've done great!
    LOVE your cabinet, decals & dala häst
    Have a good weekend

  3. Replies
    1. Ik wilde graag zo'n rek als jij hebt maar hier hebben ze alleen maar lelijke en nogal duur ook als je de verzendkosten er bij optelt...

  4. How on earth did you do that? You've turned my cursor thingy into a flower!!! Too clever.

    Those decals look brilliant as do the peg boards.


    1. I've sent you an email with the cursor link in it...

  5. How nostalgic is that!? It reminds me of my Grandad.

  6. What a bright idea and what a good result!
    Kram, Monica

  7. Ah wat een leuk idee joh! Ik denk dat ik dat qua klussen ook nog wel kan tackelen hahaha! En wat een leuke kaartjes heb je erop hangen!

  8. Super leuke pinboards en het kastje is. Wat een prachtige kast en lief die roosjes.

  9. The Lady of Cow Road has been in action again and done some amazing things. You are so good at inventing lovely solutions. Great! I put most of my cards under the windowsills where there are a little space to tuck the cards in, I'll show it later on...
    Aggie kramar


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