What A Difference A Day Makes...

Wow, look at that: Blue Skies!!! What a gorgeous day today! We saw the steam rising of our backyard fence...

And lots of little birdies near the bird feeder...

Mr. G. and Master C. have left the building in search of the powdery white stuff (snow!) and Miss M. and I are hanging out at home. I've come up with some crafty things to do (maybe some baking even) but we'll see what our 14 (and a half) year old will feel like doing. You never know with those teenagers!  <wink>

Last night I used my light box for the first time and shot some pictures of a pomegranate...

I think the lighting leaves something to be desired but not bad for a first attempt...

I also took a picture of our outside Christmas tree. We added the lights there yesterday, just in time before the rain hit us again the entire afternoon and night.

We'll probably be adding the lights at the front of the house (this tree is in the back on the patio) tomorrow or so when we also will buy our Christmas tree for indoors. We have a beautiful cut-it-yourself x-mas tree farm right here in our own little town and that is always a fun event with hot apple cider etc.

Woot Woot: it's Friday once again and that in a long weekend at that so I say again: Woot Woot!  {smile}


  1. Fijn dat het even droog is! Enne, nu al kerstlichtjes? Jullie missen natuurlijk het Sinterklaasfeest, dat houdt hier in Holland de mensheid nog even wat verwijderd van Kerstmis... Maar zondag begint de eerste advent, dus dan gaat het ook hier alvast wat beginnen! Fijn weekend, groetekens!

  2. Hmmm, now I will go around humming "What a difference a day makes", I love that melody!
    Here, we have not seen the sun for more than a week now, and it is a very "Stormy weather"...
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kram, Monica


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