Friday, October 28, 2011

Tartan Skirt Part Deux...

My new skirt felt a little bit too formal, so after glancing at it a few times I decided to add some fun little pockets to it. I've sewn them so that they will (hopefully) start fraying around the edges after some washing...

I'm still a child of the 80s after all...   <wink>  (listening to 'This Charming Man' in the mean time)

PS Here is a little Fashion Shoe Show:
(sorry about the dirty mirror...)

These are all Doc Martens except for the upper left ones...
'Hey Ho, Let's Go!'


  1. Hij wordt steeds leuker! Komt er nog meer op?

  2. Haha, nee, denk het niet! ;-)

  3. What a fashion show!
    Kram, Monica

  4. I just dragged my old Scottish Docs out after 12 years this winter. They were so musty and dusty. This not the climate to wear them in so they may just had ego stay stashed till the kids want them.


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