I See RED! (and gold and green and blue...)

Sunday Morning, 8 am... (in the rain)


  1. Lovely colours! I love autumn time!
    Kram, Monica

  2. When we moved to Scotland from Cairns in the tropics it was Autumn. The Scots kept apologising for the weather but we were mesmerised by all the colour. When all you see is green on the trees, ground, walls etc it is a relief to sees a season.

  3. Fall colors are wonderful!!! I love walking through the leaves, it gives me such joy!!!
    Chris :o)

  4. you still have color all of our trees are bare already!

  5. The colors are spectacular in the PNW right now, aren't they?! You captured them beautifully.

  6. Prachtige warme kleuren en dat allemaal in je tuin.


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