Thrifting Goodness..

Hellooooo, I'm still here, just really busy with lots of little (and some bigger) projects. My biggest one being a giant mirror that Tif and I found at the Value Village on my birthday. It was only $40 so I couldn't leave it behind. It has solid hardware, is made of wood and therefore weighs a ton...

I started sanding it yesterday and it took me forever to get most of the dark brown off. I found white and gold underneath. After all the heavy duty sanding (with my nifty hand sander in the shape of of an iron) I applied two primer coats, just to be on the safe side. This morning I applied the first real coat of paint called 'Vermont Cream'. It's a plain off-white, but I wanted some more 'neutrality' in our room. I will show you the final product pictures as soon as I've made them...

Whilst spending time at the Value Village I also found the following items:

I already have three other tiles in that same theme so was tickled pink when I found this forth one and in Swedish also! (it says: food should be prepared with butter and love, or something like that)
The jug is from the Finnish brand 'Arabia' and I sighed audibly when I found it hidden behind some other items...

Tif bought tons of fabric as usual and we shared the sheet with the blue flowers above. I think I'll make some fancy pillow cases for the tv-room from it and I'll look for some fun pom-pom edging at Joann's this week when I'll be in the neighborhood...

Today my husband surprised us all by completely re-organising the shed! He hardly threw anything away but created a tons of space. I don't have any before pictures, but believe you me, it was not a place I wanted to enter voluntarily...

So, that was about it for now. I have more to show you but I haven't had time yet to take all the pictures etc. Tonight we're off to see a Swedish ABBA- band in an outdoor show: should be fun!

"Waterloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to!"


  1. What a fine mirror you found! I'm looking forward to see it when it's painted!
    The shed looks so neat and tidy! Good work your husband did!
    Kram, Monica


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