Summer Is Here! (finally)

Yay, for this whole week, and even a few days after, they're expecting the temperatures to stay around 75F/ 24C, how wonderful is that?!  {smile} Finally I'm having some of that summer vacation feeling...

So late this afternoon my husband and I decided to walk to the local Farmer's Market. I took my camera with us and made lots of fun pictures of our walk, the market and the neighborhood, or so I thought. When I tried to download my pictures there was nothing in there! What the...?! It seems there was something wrong with my memory card...   {frown}

So, unfortunately I have nothing to show for our lovely walk and our purchases but I do still have a few pictures from our yard to share with you, taken a few days back...

Bee Balm growing like crazy: about 1.70 m tall!

Lots of pretty things in our yard!

Tomorrow I'll make some pictures of the finished mirror etc. It turned out a bit whiter than I had planned and it looks a little too formal to me but maybe you guys will have some suggestions? I was already thinking of a Modge Podge project...


  1. And here we are still waiting for the summer...
    Kram, Monica


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