Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Tidings...

Master C. in his element!
Last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) Mr. G. and Master C. (sounds almost like a Hip-Hop duo... ) <wink>  left for Steven's Pass to hit the slopes for the first time this winter season. Just look at all that snow! They were very happy campers when they returned home!

Father & Son
The next day, when it was pouring out, Miss M. felt it was time to dig out all the Christmas decorations from the garage. She started with her favorite ones: the Victorian Holiday Houses.

In the last picture you can see that we actually bought a little Holiday House that reminded us of our former house in Indianapolis. In the daylight the Holiday House also has that light-blue/ grey color...

Unfortunately it was too wet outside to pick up the Christmas Tree so we left that for Saturday. I had suggested that maybe this year we should go with a smaller tree, but look what they came home with: the biggest tree of them all!

Between 12 - 15 feet tall!
Some pretty winter Holly!

Miss M. and Master C. spent most of the afternoon decorating the tree and they finished it just in time before our Thanksgiving dinner which was absolutely scrumptious!

Today Mr. G. is baking bread for the left-over turkey sandwiches (with mayo!) and he is also preparing  a soup from the turkey carcass. The glorious smells are wafting all over the house....


  1. Oh, wat een winterse taferelen al..! Wij zitten hier nog in de regen te wennen aan het feit dat Sinterklaas weer in het land is.. time flies :)!

  2. totally jealous for a moment...the blog looks fabulous, the mountains (and your master and mister) awesome, the victorian christmas houses are my favorite too (!) and we first have to reorganize before we can u the tree...But, it looks great Marjan, all of it, and you too with your running. Which makes me smile. Enjoy!

  3. Wat een sfeertje. Ja hier is Sint nog druk in de weer. Wat fijn die bergen zo in de buurt te hebben. Fijne dag, kram

  4. Gosh, this all looks soooo Christmassy, wonderful! :)


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