Friday, November 9, 2012

Fade To Grey...

Yes, that is a reference to 'Visage', for those of you who remember that far back... <wink>

I hope you are not getting tired of all my Nature photographs yet? Every time I blink I see something photograph worthy. Today I saw first the Frost and then, on my way to Little Bit, Fog!

Beautiful views in the Valley as always...

(pictures are in the order that I took them)

(or 'Boe!' as we say in Dutch)


  1. Noooooo, we are definitely not tired of your beautiful pictures!!! I can perhaps only speak for myself, but I am enjoying them, every single one! I saw fog yesterday but could not take pictures- just like with the frost. Plus, honestly, i do not have such a beautiful valley to drive through. So good to see/read how you enjoy your surroundings, wide sweeping views and micro close ups in your yard.

  2. Wat een prachtige mysterieuze foto's..

  3. I could never get bored of looking at such a wonderful part of the world, keep them coming! :)

  4. Nee hoor, niet zat van jouw foto's! Mooi kan mist soms zijn he?!

  5. You live in such an evocative place. The moods of the light and fog are so mesmerizing. You make me miss winter!

  6. My goodness girl..these are stunning images! Makes me hope we have fog soon! Happy weekend and I must say your blog is looking so lovely!


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