Sunday, November 11, 2012

Latest Sewing Creation...

The buttons are little white roses: too cute!

This is my latest sewing creation made out of a fairly thin cotton black and white gingham. 

I had cut it early September already but then got sidetracked by that empire waist dress that I showed you earlier. Big mistake to do another dress in between, because then you forget the little details you noticed when you were cutting out the pattern etc. But, all in all, the dress came out quite nicely. As long as I won't point out the little mistakes and changes here and there, you won't notice them right?  <wink>

I already have my next project lined up: a Sherlock Holmes Cape! Well, sort off...

Those little pockets on the front look incredibly complicated so I might actually try to make them out of a different (cheaper) fabric first, so that I can fiddle with them to perfection....


  1. Looks great, with and without tight, very versatile! :)

  2. Oh, I love the dress! And with the black cardigan and those wonderful leggings, perfect! And capes, I love capes, I have several. It's so nice and you're gonna make it perfect!

  3. Wat een prachtige jurk, staat je super!!! hebt me over de streep getrokken met je positieve hardloopberichtjes. Na maanden niet rennen en een merkbaar achteruitgaande conditie ga ik morgen weer beginnen met rennen...heb net de lessen op m'n Ipod gezet! Thanx voor de inspiratie!!

  4. Gorgeous as ever! I particularly like the white trim and buttons. Love the look of the cape pattern, too.


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