Saturday, November 24, 2012

Crazy Running!

This morning the running conditions were just perfect: 45 degrees (Fahrenheit obviously), a bit of fog and no wind. Miss M. decided to accompany me on her bike and off we went. Below you can see me arriving at the bridge over the Snoqualmie River after a 17 minute run:

After a very short stop (only a couple of minutes) off we went again. Through the campground next to the river and homeward bound again...

Once we were just about home I decided to do a little extra loop and I made it to ....<'Tatatadaaa!'>... 45:30 minutes which was the equivalent of 4 miles! (= 6.5 kilometers)

WootWoot, a new record by a lot!  {insert a Very Happy Smile here}

I'm a little bit tired now, I admit, but I still have enough energy left to host my aunt and uncle this afternoon for our Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey is in the oven and the X-Mas tree is up! Mr. G. and Miss M. bought the biggest tree ever and it almost fills up the entire living room! More pictures about that later. Off I go to peel some potatoes...


  1. Top gerend!! Dat red ik nog lang niet...maar ik ben op de goede weg.

  2. It sounds like the more you run the more energy you have! Go girl!


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