Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Whole Lot of Dutch Going On!

Oh yummy, Sinterklaas- time has arrived once again and look what we received in the mail yesterday: a giant box of Pepernoten, Speculaas, Strooigoed and Speculaas Koekjes! These are mainly items made with the following spices: ginger, nutmeg, white pepper, cardamon,  cloves and cinnamon: very tasty indeed!  {smile}

This gift was made even more special since it was sent to us by somebody we have never met in real life! It was sent by the wife of one of my cousins. They now live in India, but she had to be in Holland for a family occasion and then decided to send us this lovely gift: how very very nice! Thank you so much Fokkelien!!!

And then also yesterday, when I was visiting the Value Village once again, I came across these cute little Dutch canal houses, with the 'Jenever' (= Dutch gin) still in them!  <wink>

And to top it all off, Mr. G. found me a box of dark chocolate sprinkles called 'Hagelslag'. I had a lovely sandwich this morning with it for breakfast. Lots of Dutch stuff going on... {smile}

This is a $6  box of Hagelslag so we will not waste a single sprinkle!

-- **  --  **  --

So last night we had our annual fundraiser auction for the school. I decided to wear one of my favorite new dresses and those fancy shoes that I found at Value Village a couple of months ago. (they turned out to be the most comfortable shoes with high heels that I've ever owned!) Master C. had to play in the Jazz Band during the event and I thought we looked rather spiffy together!

Although I'm wearing heels, I'm still shorter!

I did drink rather a few too many glasses of Champagne, so no running for me today...  <wink>


  1. Leuk van Fokkelien zeg! En die huisje ...heeeel leuk!

  2. Je nieuwe header...super! En je nieuwe jurkmis prachtig, net als de schoenen :)
    Enne...ben drie keer wezen rennen deze week!

  3. inderdaad spiffy-looking, you two! Hmmm...wij hebben ook net een nederlandse buit, Robert heeft voor ons marsepein en hagelslag en stroopwafels en muisjes meegenomen...(en chocolade letters voor in de schoen)...wat ik mis is die lekkere kerst kransen, met spijs gevuld.

  4. Oh my goodness you guys are adorable!!!! And all those yummy treats...I know you will be enjoying them on and before Dec. 5th! xoxox


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