Monday, November 5, 2012

Victory Dance!

I did it!!!!  {biggest smile ever!}

I just ran 30 minutes straight, no stopping or slowing down whatsoever! This means I'm now officially done with my "From couch to 5 km in 10 weeks" program: Yahoo!!! (can I use any more exclamation marks?)  <wink>

Of course I haven't quite made it to the 5 km mark (I ran 4.2 km this morning) but the goal of this program was to run for 30 minutes straight and that is now done. 

Pfieuw, I am So Proud of Myself!  {still smiling!}


  1. So proud of you.......whats next for you?

    1. I want to at least be able to run the 5k and maybe also a bit faster... ;-) How's your boot-camp coming along?

  2. Wow, that's inspiring! Well done.


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