Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sewing Struggles...

My last post was about that black and white Gingham dress that I made last week. I did show you the dress but not the fabric and not the cute button details either. 

I wore the dress with my semi-tall Doc Martens  to see 'Skyfall' (= James Bond movie) last Sunday and I felt quite good wearing this tough & sweet combination...

In the mean time I've started cutting out The Cape! I'm writing it with an exclamation mark on purpose, because it has already baffled me several times and I'm only in the cutting out faze. It has 18 pieces and 57 steps to put it all together! What have I started???

Anyway, I found a fun contrast fabric in my left-over stash (love recycling) and some awesomely funny (creepy Miss M. called them) buttons so at least that will keep me going.

The black and white woolly suiting is the main fabric and the other one with the flowers is the contrast fabric. That one you will only see underneath the collar and on the inside of the pockets which will stand open a bit...

Now I am supposed to go out for a run but it is so damp and misty outside: I don't wanna! 
I have to though, because tomorrow I will be driving all the way to Seattle, a first for me, to visit a new Dutch lady I met a few weeks ago via Little Bit, and so I won't have the time to do any running then. Off I go...


  1. Leuke post, eerste foto is mooi! Veel plezier vandaag!

  2. It's going to look good, once you've worked out what to do, good luck! :)

  3. I love the cape idea - I am sure it will work out. Who would have thought that a cape would be so complicated! How I wish I had the two that I used to wear - one was an original Edwardian number that went down to my knees - goodness knows what I looked like!
    I am sure you cut a fine figure going to see Skyfall. My dear friend's son is friends with Judie Dench' grandson and he was invited to go with Judie to the opening of that film in London (red carpet and everything) - he decided that he didn't want to go....

    Love to see the finish cape
    Best wishes

    1. Hi there Jenny, I cannot believe your son's friend didn't go the premiere with Judi Dench: I love her!!! That would have been so awesome... :-)
      Thanks for your encouraging words about the cape. I'm taking it one step at a time...


How wonderful to hear from you!

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