Friday, November 16, 2012

More Shades of Grey and a Big Hurray!

WootWoot! (or 'Oehoe' in Dutch I believe is what an owl says...)  <wink>

Look at this beautiful bird of prey that we came across in the foggy lands of The Valley yesterday. So so pretty don't you think? He was just sitting on a fence since there wasn't much else to do in that dense fog.

When I left early in the morning for Seattle you could barely see a thing in front of you. By the time I got to Seattle there were beautiful blue skies everywhere, except for in the Valley, because when I returned just after 4 pm the fog seemed to be even thicker. Here some more pretty impressions of all the grey...

Anyway, I drove all the way to Seattle which was a first for me. I just really dislike merging onto a highway and try to avoid it as much as I can. The Dutch Lady lives in a beautiful, very modern house high up on a hill overlooking Lake Washington and the whole Cascades Range: absolutely stunning views!

View towards Bellevue. 
The white line you see at the bottom of the mountains is all the fog in The Valley!
Lake Washington in the foreground, towards Kirkland

We had our coffee & tea (and some yummie chocolate brownies) on her roof terrace and enjoyed the spectacular views and the wonderful sunshine.

So all in all that was a very fun day already, but now I have to tell you our 'Big Hurray' news: Master C. received his first College Acceptance Letter yesterday! This arrived months earlier than we had expected so it was a big surprise. It was from the school that we visited earlier this spring and one that we all liked a lot so: Yahoo!

In total he will apply to 6 more schools and then in April he will have to decide which one he will pick, but at least this one's in the bag!!!  (big smile}


  1. Gosh that owl has taken my breath away, they ar such majestic birds! :)

  2. (J)oehoe! Wat gaaf die uil! En gefeliciteerd met de eerste toelating!

  3. Great news, and what stunning photos, especially that owl!

  4. Beautiful photos....totally loved them all!!!
    Chris :o)

  5. Helloo!
    WOW! What a wonderful OWL you were lucky to capture in a great photograph and share with us.
    LOVE all your photographs, they are very atmospheric...
    CONGRATULATIONS! to your son you must be very proud parents.
    Have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead.


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