Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sewing With Knits... When Things Don't Go Quite As Planned!

So far in my sewing 'career' things have gone fairly smooth. No major mistakes to talk about etc., until today...

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Here you see my second project in my 'Sewing with Knits' class on Craftsy: the rounded scoop neck tee. 

I made it to the point where I could try it on and ouf, that is tight!

On the picture it is difficult to see, but I can't lift my arms much higher than the bent one and just about all blood flow in my arm around the hem of the sleeve was gone. Obviously my fabric wasn't stretchy enough! A good thing that I had this fabric laying around from several years ago, so it doesn't feel like I've ruined a perfectly fine and new piece.

Oh well, lessons learned... <wink>

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PS  Just after I posted this post my latest fabric shipment from arrived with some knits. Oh boy, all of them are a lot thinner then I expected. Not all bad but very 'interesting' definitively...

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The two red segments in the middle are the same fabric, just one is a close-up. It has 4% lycra in it and is a bit heavier.... (scary!) The upper little one has a grey background with small pink and yellow flowers. The heather grey one on the bottom looks nice, but doesn't feel very nice to the touch. It is very flowy so maybe one of those wide cardigans (of which I already have one of course) The big one on the left with the painted roses looks really nice and I have quite a bit of length of that one so hopefully it will work out for a couple of garments.

After my sewing mistake from just now, (choosing the wrong fabric for the project) I've become a little hesitant starting a new 'sewing with knits' segment. Maybe a little break will do to calm the nerves some....


  1. Who needs to looks great! Love your little trip, beautiful! :) x

  2. It looks just great, stay still, rör dig inte!


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