The Conquering of the Cape!

Yay! I managed to finish the cape that scared the ...... out of me! 

Two kinds of welt pockets (in Dutch: paspel zakken aan de voorkant en insteek zakken aan de zijkant), a large collar, a very large hood and fiddly neck facings all just about did me in, but it is done and I think it actually does look a bit like a Sherlock Holmes cape! <wink>

Wow, this was a lot of work, but I learned a lot and it was actually kind of fun. Some good brain exercising for sure! (most of the steps were rather complicated and the descriptions weren't very precise)

Here is another close-up of the fabric and the fun buttons I used...

I think I'll wear it today whilst shopping at Target!  {smile}


  1. Marjan, je kunt volgens mij gaan naaien voor de meest vooraanstaande modehuizen!! Complimenten, ik vind het super!!!

  2. It's fabulous, Marjan!!! And you look so cute in it!

  3. Very well done, indeed!
    Kram, Monica

  4. This is wonderful.You did a stunning job and it looks like it was made for you!!! :) I really like the openings for your hands- I haven't seen one of these before.

  5. Yes, you have most definitely conquered it! It looks fanstic on you!


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