Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Miles = 5 Kilometers!

Photo found at Francine's blog...
(so no, this is not me)
Yes, I ran 5k this morning and that in 36 minutes: not bad aye?  <wink>

It was amazingly cold however (33F = 1C) so as a reward for all my hard work over the last two months, I treated myself to some new running gear: a duo-dry tight fitting long sleeved shirt, a cool cap and some gloves, because boy, I had to hide my thumbs in between my fingers to keep them warm!

I also got my flu-shot taken care of at the Target Pharmacy (love that one-stop shopping!) so I'm all set for the winter to come...

After Target I also stopped by the Value Village (= second hand store) and just look at these four awesome chairs I found for $5 each!!!

I really don't need any more dining chairs (truth be told, already four others are hiding in the cupboard under the stairs) but I just couldn't leave without them. I might leave them in this wood tone for now, but I'm already thinking that I also might paint them white to match the dining room table. We'll see...

Well, that is it for now! Hope your day was as splendid as mine!  {smile}


  1. Die stoelen zien er goed uit! Zijn ze vam een bepaalde designer!

  2. Yes, warm clothes definitely needed! Those chairs are just like some my Mum brought in the 70s! :)

  3. Whoehoe knap zeg! Heb je dat in 2 maanden bereikt? (van de bank tot 5km?)

  4. 5 kilometer....NICE!!!!!! Echt super knap! Ik hoop je snel te volgen.. tot nu toe 3 keer gerend. Ik kon ooit 50 minuten achtereen rennen, geloof dat dat in mijn geval ruim 6 km was (ga niet zo snel ;)

    Leuke stoelen! Ik moet ook op zoek naar twee stoelen voor de eettafel. De verf heb ik al: diep aqua blauw en diep geel :D

  5. I love those chairs! And they look quite comfortable too!
    Kram, Monica

  6. Sometimes it is just not possible to pass up a bargain like that!
    Well done on the running. Do you and the son ever run together?


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